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Spacious and Versatile

5 doors and 4 seats for passengers; large space and flexible body for storage.

  • 2340mm Ultra-long Wheelbase

    Half a body longer than the ordinary A00 model, for extra fun.

  • Up to 100°

    Extra large tail gate for easy access and storage capability.

  • 14 Storage Spaces

    Exploration play.

Future Cyan
Dynamic Green
Aurora White
Exquisite Appearance

Smart design, with two-color splicing interiors for highlighting.

  • Crescent-arc Double-arch Roof

    Exquisite and flexible texture.

  • 14inch Aluminum Alloy Blade Wheels

    Sporty feel and riding experience.

Smooth and Stable Driving Experience

Redesign on pure EV platform, with design of low gravity center and the optimal front and rear axle load ratio of 49:51 for good handling.

  • Quick Start and Powerful Acceleration

    High-quality motor with the maximum torque of 84N·m, which is more powerful than most 1.2L naturally aspirated fuel vehicle.

  • Motor/Battery/Electric Control & Triple Protection

    Flat chassis, with high standard of dustproofing and waterproofing, to ensure the safety of motor/battery/electric control.

  • World Class Motor & Battery

    High quality permanent magnet synchronous motor, with the maximum power of 26KW; Sunwoda lithium iron phosphate battery, with well-known brand to ensure the safety of power appliances.

High Endurance

CLTC has an endurance range of 175km, and the actual endurance is up to over 200 km.

Five-star Safety Body
High-strength Steel-aluminum Hybrid Body
Lightweight and safe. The high-strength steel accounts for 46% of the body, which is rare in the same level of models.
Collapse Type Energy Absorption Front Body and Contraction Type Energy Absorption Steering Column
Absorb the collision energy to reduce damage and provide anti-collision safety.

  • Sino-Euro Standards, the world’s Leading Level

    75 years of Jiangling’s car building history, to produce the unique joint-venture pure EV models at a level that can meet the Sino-Euro standards.

  • 4.0 Energy Factory

    A new generation of intelligent energy factory, similar level to German automotive industry.

  • Integrated Stamping Doors

    Whole stamping process, to provide higher strength and meet the safety standards.