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Aurora White
Future Cyan
Knight Grey
Marble Black
Apply the ecological power art aesthetics, like a cheetah running freely in the wind.
Sharp but vivid lines, hale but agile styling showed under different lights and shadows.
Accumulate lights in shape and concentrate the quality in body, with luxurious atmosphere.
Dazzling Silver-hook LED Headlamp
In addition to the dazzling silver-hook head-lamp, an upgraded design of adaptive high and low beam lamps brings more flexible and intelligent eyes, and the light will accompany 130m forward.
Concealed Electric Door Handle
The hidden assistant is integrated with the vehicle body and the unlocking handle of the vehicle automatically pops up to bring you a full sense of ceremony.
Michelin Haoyue 4 Mute Tire
The aluminum alloy hub is equipped with Michelin Haoyue 4 high-performance tires for excellent silence, comfort and grip, and multiple sporty shape.
Smart Home Space
The super large driving space of the same level expands the space utilization imagination.
Inspiration technology always puts people first to enjoy a comfortable intelligent cockpit.
8-way Power Seat
The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in 8 directions and the driver can switch the comfortable driving and riding spaces at will to meet the space needs of the driver and passengers for free and pleasant travel.
Intelligent Thermal Management System
Use the first waste heat A/C system for EV in China to effectively improve the energy consumption index and increase the endurance mileage by 30% compared with of ordinary RTC heating A/C (heat pump A/C optional).
Dual Screen
10.25”+12.3” panoramic HD dual screen star-eye flashes for panoramic view, enjoy technological inspiration of linkage support for gesture control of IVI.
Dedicated Power Supply for All Appliances
Power transformation, to allow for the safe and seamless connection of “car-to-car” and “car-to-appliance”.
On-board OTA (Over-The-Air Technology)
20+ OTAs on vehicles, to allow for the upgrade of the vehicle systems.
Thermoformed Steel-aluminum Hybrid High-strength Light-weight Body
The hot forming steel-aluminum high-strength light-weight BIW, using 44 pieces of hot forming steel plates, which stength up 1,500MPa, to build a high-strength cage frame. Through the steel-aluminum composite light-weight design, it creates a light-weight and tough travel safe house, not only for the pursuit of speed and passion, but also for the seeking of smoothness and peace of mind.
Four-wheel Independent Suspension for Comfortable Riding Experience
Front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension design for comfortable and smooth driving experience.
3 Driving Modes
Three driving modes deal with the challenges of all road condditions in real time.
Economic Mode
Better economic electric energy
Standard Mode
Both economic power and electric energy
Motion Mode
More positive power response
Build a multi-dimensional security guarantee of cares and experiences with strong internal achievements.
Quality Management System of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance
ASES and AVES quality assurance system of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance integrates world-class quality control systems and production technologies
Sino-Euro Standards and Global Standards
As the first EV model jointly built according to Sino-Euro standards and passed the acceptance of European vehicle safety standards, it has full strength and is regarded as a global benchmark.
Test Certification of Euro New Car Assessment Program (E-NCAP)
Jiangling Group was completed the EU homologation and regulation certification for the export version of “Elight” model, and won four stars in the E-NCAP (European New Car Safety Assessment Association) test, among which the active safety, occupant and pedestrian protection reached the five-star level.
Form a Safety Pool with 5 Major Security Guarantees
Thermoformed steel-aluminum hybrid body structure, all-round 10 airbags, EHB/WCBS line control brake system, AIDS function, exclusive battery doctor and battery pack, and other functions.
Rectangle-shape Battery Protection
Comprehensive rectangle-shape battery pack protection structure, to provide the battery pack with strong protection, internal temperature control, external anti-collision, and other powerful features.
Detailed Battery Production Process to Ensure the Module Safety
The battery production process is designed to strengthen the stability and heat dissipation performance of the battery cell, delay the aging process, and extend the service life of the battery, for better experience.
From Design to Production
We always persist in excellence for sustainable development.